$90,chekhter.de,large,European,creative,/compotationship1245584.html,TIANTA-wall,clock,modern,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,livi,decorative $90,chekhter.de,large,European,creative,/compotationship1245584.html,TIANTA-wall,clock,modern,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,livi,decorative $90 TIANTA-wall clock European modern large decorative creative livi Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Quantity limited TIANTA-wall clock European modern livi decorative creative large Quantity limited TIANTA-wall clock European modern livi decorative creative large $90 TIANTA-wall clock European modern large decorative creative livi Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

Quantity limited TIANTA-wall clock European Great interest modern livi decorative creative large

TIANTA-wall clock European modern large decorative creative livi


TIANTA-wall clock European modern large decorative creative livi

Product description


Name: Wall clock
Quantity: 1
Shape: round
Style: simple
Shell material: metal
Dial material: frosted glass
Battery: AA carbon battery
Delivery time is 10-28 days. The return range is 30 days.
If you have not received your order after 30 days, please contact us.
Including only the wall clock, other decoration in the figure is not included.
Please use a carbon battery, try not to use high-capacity alkaline batteries and rechargeable batteries, so as not to reduce the movement life and travel time accuracy.

Package Included:
Wall clock * 1

TIANTA-wall clock European modern large decorative creative livi

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