$53 Vagabond House Glass Wine / Juice Carafe Pewter Band Hunt Equest Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Band,Glass,Equest,Juice,Wine,$53,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/,Carafe,Vagabond,House,/coppersmithing1364082.html,chekhter.de,Pewter,Hunt Vagabond House Glass Wine Juice Pewter Carafe Oklahoma City Mall Hunt Band Equest Vagabond House Glass Wine Juice Pewter Carafe Oklahoma City Mall Hunt Band Equest $53 Vagabond House Glass Wine / Juice Carafe Pewter Band Hunt Equest Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Band,Glass,Equest,Juice,Wine,$53,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/,Carafe,Vagabond,House,/coppersmithing1364082.html,chekhter.de,Pewter,Hunt

safety Vagabond House Glass Wine Juice Pewter Carafe Oklahoma City Mall Hunt Band Equest

Vagabond House Glass Wine / Juice Carafe Pewter Band Hunt Equest


Vagabond House Glass Wine / Juice Carafe Pewter Band Hunt Equest

Product Description

Use this sleek Hunt Horn wine carafe from Vagabond House to serve wine to your dinner guests. The 10-inch-tall glass vessel is designed in an open carafe style with a lip for easy pouring and a wide mouth for proper aeration, achieving the full flavor of your favorite fine wines. A popular beverage server for animal enthusiasts, this wine carafe has a collar crafted from pure pewter featuring the face of a fox and accented with nature-inspired branch flourishes. This woodland-themed carafe holds up to 28 ounces of liquid, or the contents of a standard bottle of wine. Enjoy serving other beverages from this elegant pitcher too. Chilled water and colorful juices poured from this Hunt Horn wine carafe make a delightful addition to your table setting or buffet spread.

Vagabond House Glass Wine / Juice Carafe Pewter Band Hunt Equest

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