$101 Paderno World Cuisine 13-Inch Meat Pounder, Stainless Steel Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Paderno World Cuisine 13-Inch Steel Stainless Meat Ranking TOP1 Pounder Paderno World Cuisine 13-Inch Steel Stainless Meat Ranking TOP1 Pounder Cuisine,chekhter.de,Stainless,Pounder,,Steel,Meat,13-Inch,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/coppersmithing1672582.html,Paderno,World,$101 $101 Paderno World Cuisine 13-Inch Meat Pounder, Stainless Steel Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Cuisine,chekhter.de,Stainless,Pounder,,Steel,Meat,13-Inch,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/coppersmithing1672582.html,Paderno,World,$101

Paderno World Cuisine 13-Inch Steel Stainless Meat Ranking TOP1 Pounder Very popular!

Paderno World Cuisine 13-Inch Meat Pounder, Stainless Steel


Paderno World Cuisine 13-Inch Meat Pounder, Stainless Steel

Product description


The Paderno World Cuisine 13-inch stainless steel meat pounder flattens meat to a uniform thickness for uniform cooking. It is also used to tenderize tough meat cuts.

Paderno World Cuisine 13-Inch Meat Pounder, Stainless Steel

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