/coppersmithing1736582.html,Super,900,chekhter.de,Cover,1997-2006,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Kawasaki,Jetski,$62,Heavy-Duty,STX,PWC,for Super Heavy-Duty PWC Jetski Cover 1997-2006 900 Kawasaki for OFFicial STX $62 Super Heavy-Duty PWC Jetski Cover for Kawasaki 900 STX 1997-2006 Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness /coppersmithing1736582.html,Super,900,chekhter.de,Cover,1997-2006,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Kawasaki,Jetski,$62,Heavy-Duty,STX,PWC,for Super Heavy-Duty PWC Jetski Cover 1997-2006 900 Kawasaki for OFFicial STX $62 Super Heavy-Duty PWC Jetski Cover for Kawasaki 900 STX 1997-2006 Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

Super Heavy-Duty Max 81% OFF PWC Jetski Cover 1997-2006 900 Kawasaki for OFFicial STX

Super Heavy-Duty PWC Jetski Cover for Kawasaki 900 STX 1997-2006


Super Heavy-Duty PWC Jetski Cover for Kawasaki 900 STX 1997-2006

Product description

Our super quality travel and storage Jet Ski Cover will protect your jetski all year round. Keep your PWC covered and protected! All-weather personal watercraft Covers are designed for: Storage, Mooring and Trailering purposes. Made from 600 Denier Technologically advanced Heavy-Duty Marine Grade Poly Material with water resistant urethane coating.- Superior Indoor and outdoor protection for your PWC! Easy single person installation; Heavy-duty, elastic shock cord installed in the hem of jetski cover; Trailer Hitch Front Opening for Trailer Pin; Integrated trailering system with built-in quick adjusting straps for tension panels. Color: Black amp; Gray/Grey. Package includes the following gear: 1- Brand New, Personal Water Craft Cover. FREE Additional Parts / Accessories: Storage Bag; Digital Copy of SBU Care amp; Cleaning Guide. Multi-Purpose: Tarpaulin is designed with All Storage Options in Mind: Ideal for indoors, can be used outdoors mooring on the water, on a lift, at the dock, sunshade at the Boat Marina. Semi-custom fit Jetski Covers will accommodate most Personal Watercrafts in the industry. A great, economical choice versus OEM fitted and other universal cover options. Winterizing Your Jet Ski? Our Cover can be a strong and durable alternative to shrink wrap during winter weather storage. 2 Year Warranty.

Super Heavy-Duty PWC Jetski Cover for Kawasaki 900 STX 1997-2006

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