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Las Vegas Mall Kavallerie Polo Wraps National uniform free shipping for Horses: Exercising Bandage Dr Leg

Kavallerie Polo Wraps for Horses: Leg Bandage for Exercising, Dr


Kavallerie Polo Wraps for Horses: Leg Bandage for Exercising, Dr

Product description


This is the ideal bandage for your horse exercises and drills!

Your bandage should give a good compression for your horse legs. Some bandages fit tightly, and some are too elastic, Kavallerie Classic bandage is designed with a right level of grip for easy bandaging with material that allows breathability. It’s also a therapeutic bandage which helps to heal sores, scrapes and injuries from training and high impact rides.

Here are the benefits your horse can enjoy!

  • Supportive and flexible enough to maintain circulation and allow free leg movement
  • Breathable enough with micro-holes which dissipates heat build up and prevent bacteria growth
  • Allows easy placement and removal with durable and soft material.
  • Non-slip and fits perfectly to keep bandage securely in place.
  • Non-stick so it won’t hurt your horse legs by pulling off some skin or hair.

Click the “add to cart” button now and give your horse a clean bandaging with even pressure distribution!

Kavallerie Polo Wraps for Horses: Leg Bandage for Exercising, Dr

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