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From the manufacturer

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Bamp;W Tow amp; Stow 3in Drop 3.5in Rise 2x2 5/16 in Dual Ball Size Hitch Bamp;W Tow amp; Stow 5in Drop 4.5in Rise 2x2 5/16in Dual Ball Size Hitch Bamp;W Tow amp; Stow 7in Drop 7.5in Rise 2x2 5/16in Dual Ball Size Hitch Bamp;W Tow amp; Stow 5in Drop 4.5in Rise 1 7/8x2x2 5/16in Triple Ball Size Hitch Bamp;W Tow amp; Stow 7in Drop 7.5in Rise 1 7/8x2x2 5/16in Triple Ball Size Hitch

BW Trailer Hitches Tow Stow - Fits 2" Receiver, Dual Ball (1-

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