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KaeiShi OFFicial site High Waisted Flounce Outlet ☆ Free Shipping Bikini Control Swimsuits Set Tummy

KaeiShi High Waisted Flounce Bikini Set,Tummy Control Swimsuits


KaeiShi High Waisted Flounce Bikini Set,Tummy Control Swimsuits

Product Description

Kaeiamp;Shi Strapless,Strappy Swimwear,Floral High Waisted Flounce Bikini Set,Tummy Control Swimsuits for Women,Off Shoulder Bathing Suit


Kaeiamp;Shi Strapless,Strappy Swimwear,Floral High Waisted Flounce Bikini Set,Tummy Control Swimsuits for Women,Off Shoulder Bathing Suit


Kaeiamp;Shi Strapless,Strappy Swimwear,Floral High Waisted Flounce Bikini Set,Tummy Control Swimsuits for Women,Off Shoulder Bathing Suit

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All you want to know!!

Q: Is it a see through swimsuit ?

A: No, It’s very good quality not the thin, see though material.

Q: Is this material comfortable?

A: Yes, this fabric is stretch and breathable. Skin friendly.

Swimsuit is tight enough to avoid get undress by water accidentally when play in water park or sea.

Q: The straps are adjustable, correct?

A: Yes it's adjustable.

Q: Is there any support for chest?

A: There is no undewire, but the padding on swimsuit offer some support. Padding is removable, and you change for a size fit you the best.

#About Size: Please check the size chart on the photo gallery.

#Washing Instructions: Machine Washable, please do not use bleach soak.

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KaeiShi High Waisted Flounce Bikini Set,Tummy Control Swimsuits

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