SUPER DEAL 100'' Portable Projector Stand Projection Screen specialty shop with $44 SUPER DEAL 100'' Portable Projector Screen with Stand Projection Electronics Television Video $44 SUPER DEAL 100'' Portable Projector Screen with Stand Projection Electronics Television Video SUPER DEAL 100'' Portable Projector Stand Projection Screen specialty shop with DEAL,,Stand,$44,SUPER,Projector,Portable,Screen,with,Projection,/lagoon1672876.html,Electronics , Television Video,100'' DEAL,,Stand,$44,SUPER,Projector,Portable,Screen,with,Projection,/lagoon1672876.html,Electronics , Television Video,100''

SUPER DEAL 100'' Portable Projector Stand Projection Screen specialty Lowest price challenge shop with

SUPER DEAL 100'' Portable Projector Screen with Stand Projection


SUPER DEAL 100'' Portable Projector Screen with Stand Projection

Product description

Set up your own outdoor theater in minutes with the SUPER DEAL 100-inch Portable Tripod Screen. Let your family and friends to experience movies, sports, and video games in a larger-than-life way!
Practical and Excellent Performance:
This projection screen features a 1:1 high gain that provides brighter images, even in rooms lit with higher ambient lighting. Black masking borders make images on this screen appear sharper, clearer, and more dynamic than ever.
Easy to Use:
This indoor/outdoor movie screen easily self-inflates in a few minutes for easy setup.
Made to Last:
The premium fabric protect against dust for long-lasting use, while the smooth surface allows for easy cleaning.

 Quickie Size Guide:
 Projector Screen Features: Indoor/Outdoor Use
 Diagonal Viewable Area: 100 inch
 Viewing Angles: 160 (H) / 160 (V) Degrees
 Mount Type: Free standing
 Format: 16:9
 Warranty: LIFETIME warranty
 Material: PVC Fabric + Aluminium alloy
 Size in Use (LxH): 90.5 x 78.7 inch
Net Weight: 8.5 Pounds

1 * 100"  Projector Screen
6* Vertical Connector
4* Bend Connector
4* Bend Connector
2* Base Plate
12*Aluminum Tube
4*Ground Nail
1 * User Manual

SUPER DEAL 100'' Portable Projector Screen with Stand Projection

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